Don't Be Such a Jan

So first things first, our renter in Austin is a total jerk. Like the exact definition of someone who ONLY cares about herself, has no regard for anyone else, and is SO uptight, picky, and worst of all: passive aggressive. We've already had at least four issues with her. I have not even been able to deal with her because the tone of every email or interaction with her makes. my. blood. boil. I figured it would be better for both of us if Bennett dealt with her. Until the other day.

I sent her an email about replacing two of the wooden blinds in the extra rooms. I asked her to measure the height and width of two windows and said I would then order them. She wrote me back and said I needed to send the property manager over to measure them. I wrote her back and said "I'd rather not pay the PM's hourly rate for a five minute job, would you mind measuring them when you get a chance?" Of course she rudely said "no" and went on to say "And by the way, if it takes less than five minutes- why didn't you do it before you left?"

Responses I considered:
1) "Well Jan, I'm a full-time working mom with two toddlers and a husband that was traveling almost full-time...I didn't get to them and that's why I offered to have Chris (the property manager) come install them..." (She is a stay at home woman that does nothing but gripe, by the way).

2) "Oh Jan. Girl. I've been silent so far, but honey, you're barking up the wrong tree..."

3) "Jan- I'm actually only obligated to leave you with window coverings that provide privacy- and those window blinds do provide privacy- they just don't turn so easily."

4) "You don't have many friends, do you Jan..."

What I did end up saying was "Jan- that's fine. If you're unwilling to measure the two windows- then I'll do this: I'll use the money I was going to spend on buying matching hard wood blinds for those rooms to pay Chris to come measure, and then I'll send you some plastic or paper's your call how you would like to handle..."

I haven't heard back from her on that- but I am CERTAIN I will.
We did hear from her today about the pest control people that didn't come today as I told her they would, and she told me that they said they left me a message this morning to cancel. She went on and on about how she had to take time off to be there- and how inconvenient it was- and how the pest control people told her that we had not been there one of the previously scheduled times so they were apprehensive to come..."

I simply wrote back and said "Jan- I have no message from them. If you would like to schedule the appointments directly and have them bill me- please do."

I wanted to say "I will send you some bug killer. When you're done spraying with it- I have an idea of where you can shove stick it."

But enough about that. We had a fun weekend. Bennett and I went to see The Heat on Saturday and had dinner at this cute little restaurant Salut! Then yesterday my mom came into town so it was really fun showing her around...I'm so glad to have her here...and so are Davis and Holden. Davis kissed her so many times and told her how happy he was that she came.

More details later, gotta get back to work. Here are some pictures for you. Oh, I forgot to mention, our new comment when one of us is being annoying or selfish is: "Oh don't be such a Jan..." If only she knew. Ha.

He looks so different to me lately- so much older. And he has the nicest tan of all of us.

Their little garden. Davis is on the right. I think he is staring at that little boy's shirt- the Superman one with the cape. He has such admiration/envy for that kid's superhero wardrobe.

At Cocina Del Barrio for lunch today. I know, sort of silly that we tried mexican food for lunch. It was good if you didn't think about it as Tex-Mex. And nice to sit outside. See? No sweat.

This picture is random and frankly it doesn't do the car justice. It was the best color I have seen. Reminds me of Holden's room color back in Texas. Not turquoise, not teal, but somewhere (amazing) in between.

These were taken at Edina Grill last night...just wanted to show you how long Holden's hair is getting in that last pic. I keep trying to clip her long bangs back- but she refuses anything (even the tiniest clip) in her hair. Se la vie.

I had the best local beer called Fulton's Lonely Blonde. So good.
More later. Happy Monday.