A Good Find.

I have recently been scoping pillows like this, on pinterest:

Love the look and texture and layers of these pillows. I wouldn't pair them with that couch, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway- pillows like this usually retail around $100+ each.

Unless you go to IKEA. Where you can find this great little number for $10. Yes, $10.

Just thought I would share this great find with you. Also a few notes on my day.

1) The girl emailed me about getting together on Saturday- so I stand corrected. We are not being stood up. I need to get my patience and optimism in check. Hope is everything.

2) Davis had a GREAT day at school yesterday- easy drop off and the happiest of faces when I picked him up. So did Holden. They were just in great moods and were so sweet and fun all night. Today, Davis had a horrible drop off. Cried and kicked and screamed and it felt horrible. But I hope he will tell me he had a great day again...

3) Today is D's first T-ball game. Can't wait to see how that goes. And Bennett gets home tonight. :-)

More later.