6 Month Check-In

It just occurred to me this morning that it's almost exactly six months through the year. Which gives me major anxiety considering how quickly time is flying. I was thinking about that saying "The days are long, but the years are so fast..." whoever said that was brilliant. And also a mom. Of toddlers.

But anyway, that is not what I was thinking of. I was thinking mainly that it's the perfect halfway point to check in on my 2013 New Year's Resolutions. I love resolutions. So here is my list from December 2012, with a little commentary in red on where I stand with them.

Get fit. Like really fit. (Not there yet, but I haven't given up. One of my absolute favorite things about working from home is the ability to go to the Y in the mornings during what would normally be my commute. It is an awesome way to start the day...and certainly is the key to getting fit, like really fit.)

Drop 15-20 pounds. (Same. Not there yet, but haven't given up.)

Play the guitar again/more. (Okay, so when I got really good at the guitar, I was in college at Baylor and I was super lovesick and lonely for Bennett, who was going to school in Vermont. He always asks me why I don't play more and my reason over the last couple years has been "I don't have time..." and that's been true. I also didn't really have a desire to get back into it. But I do now. Davis is SO into music and I think he will freak out when I play for him...even if I am incredibly rusty and have no callouses on my fingers...and I certainly have more time right now.)

Plug into something- find a group or cause I'm passionate about- commit to it and make a difference. (Yes, going to do this here. Need to figure out what that is. I was reading about foster homes last night and it made me feel incredibly sad and I'm not sure we are ready to foster, but if there is something I could do for kids, of pregnant young moms in particular, I really would like to do it. I need to look up some opportunities- I'm going to do that today.)

Stress less. (I'm actually doing brilliantly at this. Seriously. I'm like so stress-free you wouldn't even believe it. Some people are laughing at this because I am not an incredibly stressed person in general, but I still thought at the end of last year that maybe I should chill out a bit. We all should. So anyway- high five to me. Kicking ass on this one.)

Travel more. (Hello- just went to Wisconsin. Seriously though- this is on the agenda for SURE this year...so I'm excited about that. I want to go to Canada and I would like to go to Africa.)

Do something amazing. Shockingly good. Maybe at work. Maybe with aforementioned cause. (Holy shit- I better get on this...time is waning.)

Begin my 2nd authorial endeavor. (Start 2nd book).  
(Err, oops, this one too. I have so many ideas- I just don't even know where to begin...)

Be bold. Speak truth. Put myself out there. Be a leader.
(I think I'm doing well on this one. I don't have tangible examples- but it's more of a presence...)

Know God more.
(I talk to God a lot these days. It's a casual conversation, and I certainly should be reading the bible more and/or a devotional or something, but our talks are good, and mostly I'm trying to listen. I say things like "God, please lay on my heart what it is that I should be doing next. Please make it incredibly clear..." and then sometimes, like last week I also say things like "Dear God, please don't let me be pregnant. If I can just NOT be pregnant, I will never forget my birth control again...true story. And don't worry, I'm not pregnant!!!)

Laugh more. (For sure.)

Hurry less. (Boom, done.)

Move! (Holy cow, I had no idea what I was getting into when I put this one on the docket. But here I am in Minneapolis. And isn't that what's fun about life? Surprises? Sometimes I love picturing God giggling at things that I think are certainly going to happen, or not happen. I guarantee I crack him up.)

Love Bennett, Holden and Davis with all of my heart. (YES! And having so much time with them here is really great. Already so thankful for that)

Be more compassionate. (I need to work on this still, I think...but it's not something I have forgotten.)

So what do you think? I think I'm batting like 50% so far...which isn't bad. But I need to turn it up for the rest of the year. 

Lets see, what else do I have to tell you, blog? I am going to Atlanta again tomorrow, working, doing a client dinner, and then meeting Courtney's little brother Blake and his girlfriend, Katie, out for drinks after. I'm coming back Friday, and then Saturday I got a sitter and I made reservations at this restaurant called Cafe Lurcat that Krissy recommended. I'm excited to be out with Bennett, trying something new. I hope it's sunny this weekend so we can user our season passes to the little water park too. 

OOH, and also the Rennaisance fair is coming up. Bennett thinks it's a total creeper fest- and I do too- but I still want to go. We would always go when I was little and every year I would get one of those flower/branch wreaths with the long ribbons down the back. And I would pretend those ribbons were my incredibly long and flowy hair. When I think about it, I realize that I probably spent 50% of my young life pretending my hair was long...and that I had a retainer. I was so cool.

Happy Wednesday. How are your resolutions coming?

Oh and thanks for the sweet note on my last post, Sommer! Miss you.