You might think 55 means something like the amount of miles we biked today, or the cost of a great sweater I got at a hot sale, or even the number of boxes it took to pack up our home. Because I'm sure you were NOT thinking that 55 might be the temperature here today. That would be crazy.

Well welcome to crazy town. I am writing this, wearing shorts, a long sleeved shirt, with a sweater over the top. And I was chilly most of the day. Everyone here cannot figure out what is going on- I mean- it was 98 and humid last week...but still, I'm like "Oh wow. Here we go..."

It beats 105. But I would like a FEW more weeks of summer if at all possible, Minnesota. Please and thank you.

Today I took a couple hours to myself to run some errands- I went to see if I could find some long sleeved tees and pants for Holden. Since she hasn't had to wear those since January, she has definitely grown out of those she has. I also stopped by a little vintage store called "Piccadilly Parade" or something like that, and then, of course, Anthropologie.

I actually didn't find much, but I enjoyed wandering around during this rainy, chilly day, in a new city. There is one thing I will say...even though some days I'm sad, I'm pretty proud of myself, and even surprised by myself for being here. And maybe in that way alone, it's worth it.

I did find one little pair of earrings that I thought would brighten the day...

Not sure the picture really does them justice- they look sort of grandma-y here...but just trust me gals, they are very cool in person. 

Hope you're having a great weekend. I promise to take more pictures of the beans tomorrow to post.