0 for 2

T-Ball Thursday. Or...

Train wreck Thursday. Or...

Tantrum Thursday. Or...

Turd head Thursday.

Take your pick.

We are 0 for 2 on T-ball. Davis has zero interest in it and I think Bennett and I each spent more time on the field tonight than Davis did. It's annoying. It's disappointing. And it's frustrating. Annoying because we are literally chasing an almost four year old all over the diamond and beyond. It's disappointing because we thought he would love this and it would be fun for everyone. And it's frustrating because it makes you feel like a bad parent when your kid is seriously the only ONE who will do nothing that is asked of him out there.

On the way home (which was halfway through the game, by the way) Bennett said "I feel like a failure as a parent. I just have zero patience for this. Did we do something wrong?"

And I tried to encourage him that some of the things that make Davis tough to parent are also the same things that will make him an awesome human being. Okay, maybe not beaking the kid next to him in the head with the brim of his helmet...those things I blame squarely on Bennett...but other things. His independence. His confidence. His self awareness.

But it can be really challenging, this parenting thing.

I remember in high school, Kirsten and I would talk about how we both wanted to have little boys that were total bruisers...little shits that were always up to something sneaky and clever. She went as far as saying she wanted a chubby little red head. Weird how things work out. Sometimes I just want to call her and say "How's that working for ya? It's pretty damn tough over here."

Here are some pictures his teachers have sent me. They send more than Holden's do- I think because he has had some tough drop-offs and they want to show me he is happy. I am obsessed with his new school by the way- makes Child's Day look like amateur hour.

I'm sure Honey will love this shirt. Gift from Bennett's boss.

Lets be honest. The kid just looks like trouble.

But there wouldn't be joy without challenge, right?

Anyway, enough about Davis. Tomorrow the three of us have a playdate with Krissy, her kids, and one of her friends and her kids. We're going to go to the park and then do a picnic lunch. I hope it's as fun as the other night was. I hope Davis doesn't shove anyone. Zoinks.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from Nikki's wedding, courtesy of Sweet Louise Photography. And/or you can pop over to her blog and check them out yourself, just click HERE and leave Carrie a little love.

By the way, I talked to Carrie on the phone today and it made me miss my girls so much. They're all getting together for a glass of wine tonight...what I wouldn't give...