So my grandparents gave my mom two trips to Minneapolis for her birthday- an amazing gift for her- and for me! She has already booked a trip in July and another in August. Also- B and Courtney just booked a trip to see us in November, around Davis' birthday. I am SO excited. It makes the thought of moving even more bearable.

And I know Katie and Nikki will come...and I hope/think we can get Carrie and Zach up for a visit and Kirsten too (on a long school weekend). I'm just going to try to spread these visitors out and also make a few trips home as well. I'm getting really excited now.

Yesterday was such a good day. I had those three phone interviews- the one that I thought was sort of MEH ended in 8 minutes...which is a good thing. It was not a fit and neither of us wanted to waste the others time. But the other two were SO encouraging. I had a first call with a smaller agency there- and the guy was so smart and incredibly helpful. I sort of felt like the first half of the conversation was your typical, formal conversation...and then about halfway, I really felt like he was being more transparent about his needs and goals and we really had a lot of similar thoughts. The other thing is, at the end of the conversation, he said "And do you guys know anyone here?" I said no and made a joke about it...and he said "Well maybe we could have you guys over for a BBQ."

WHAT? So nice. This guy is like 45 or so, sort of a big deal in advertising, and was just so kind and sincere. It made me feel so hopeful. I want to get a great job- and/but a big part of that is working with great (smart and kind) people.

Then I had a 2nd call with a shop I talked to last week- and it was incredible too. Lots of shared ideas/approaches, and the potential to sort of create my current position- there. WHAT? So both groups asked me to call them as soon as I get there- so I could go in and check them out.

So who knows- but honestly- my feeling is that things keep falling in place so easily and surprisingly- and every time it happens- I feel more encouraged that this is God's plan for us for right now.

Now we just have to find a mover that can get our stuff there in less than 10 days. What the heck do you do when you have kids in an empty house for 10 days- when you also are waiting on your cars. UGH. Sounds horrible to me.


Tomorrow morning we leave for the beach with the Ryans and the Hamblens. Who are the Hamblens? They are old friends of Zach and Carrie's (the Ryans) that lived in Austin for about a year. We literally hung out with them just a few times, but automatic connection. Meagan and I say we are blog BFFS...because we're always reading and commenting on each other's blogs. They have an adorable little boy named Sawyer, who is just between Davis and Porter in it will be 6 adults, 3 little boys between 3 and 4, and 2 little gurls. I cannot wait!

And I have my phone interview with the other company tomorrow- the one that I am really interested in. We'll see. :)