Riches to Rags

One minute you're poolside ordering bloody marys at the Four Seasons, and the next, you're stranded on the side of the highway with a flat tire, sweating your brains out while your baby screams hers out.

It's like clockwork, you know? I got home at 11:00 a.m. from a beautiful weekend and Davis and Holden (and Bennett) were in great shape. Bennett jumped on a plane at 3:00 today and around the same time, Holden's fever spiked like crazy.

So...I will have to miss work tomorrow (AGAIN) and figure out how to get my car to the shop to get new tires. The good news is that my mom volunteered to stick around and help, which I know is about the last thing she has time for the week her daughter is getting married...AND tomorrow is her birthday.

What a woman, that Honey.

Oh and I cannot wait to tell you about the bachelorette weekend- it was so so fun. We laughed and drank and made lingerie jokes in the private room at Olive & June until the valet guys came in and said "Umm, here are your keys. We're going home." We shut the place down. I hope the weekend was as special for Nikki as she is special to me.

More later...