Nikki Nikki Nikki

Nikki came over yesterday to play and oh-my-gosh did we have fun! Of course she didn't bring over a plastic car or a Disney coloring, she brought a HUMONGOUS balloon and a hand drawn scene of Fireman Davis and his giant fire truck. Because she's Nikki. And she's so cool and creative and amazing.

 Our house is so junky right now. Full of boxes and random odds and ends. Oh well- I just don't care...we're having fun messy house and all.

This morning I told Davis that Nikki was going to take him to see the new Monsters University movie on Sunday. He looked at me, smiled so wide, and said "I like that SO MUCH mommy."

Little Holden Eloise was so tired yesterday, she went to sleep at 6:00, so she missed all of the fun. But, before she fell asleep she did say "Nikk-key" a few different times.

A few updates to share with you, blog. I got a call from the movers yesterday, and they said "So, I have some good news and bad news...the bad news is: I have called about 8 moving companies in Minneapolis and I can't find anyone to unload you when you get there...BUT the good news is: one of my trips fell through, so we can actually do the whole move...BUT we have to pack and load your stuff on Monday. Holy cow! So that is happening. Which means, we'll stay with friends for a few days in Austin, and then stay a couple nights in Fred, and then fly out on Saturday. YOWZA.

The 2nd update is sort of a bummer. I was supposed to have that 2nd interview with the company I am really interested in on Friday...and just hours before the call, I heard from the recruiter that they are putting the position on hold. Boo. I felt pretty bummed, but I was talking to Carrie about it while driving to the beach and I was saying:

"You know, I want to be one of those people that actually is thankful when something DOESN'T happen the way you think it should...because you know it's all in God's plan." So I'm trying to look at it through that lens. And there is a good chance it will come up again in a month or so...but I'm not holding my breath. 

That's all I have for now. Happy Wednesday.