My Little Man.

Some pictures from the wedding. How self involved am I...all pictures of little Davis. But more to come, when I get access. In the meantime, enjoy.

Three other things worth noting, totally unrelated, but:

1) Yesterday was a good day. I got a call back from that interview last week, so I have another phone interview Friday. If I get through that- I think it will be an in-person interview. Here's hoping. I also got two other calls about jobs- so great to have leads. The first one I am really excited about, one of the others, I'm interested in, and the third is just sort of meh. Great gig, I'm sure, but sort of a boring category.

2) Today is Bennett and I's EIGHTH anniversary. Insane, right? We've actually postponed it to July, because ain't nobody got time for anniversaries right now. Ha.

3) I shifted my plans a bit and instead of taking the first two weeks of July off- I'm going to take the last week of June, and the first week of July off, to get moved and situated. This means that next week is my last week in the office. INSANE!

Au revoir, for now.