Little Things

So, you know dearest friend and the amazingly talented photographer behind Sweet Louise Photography? Well, she just had her work featured on Camille Styles' blog...and if you don't know about Camille Styles, you should know that: apparently she is the new Martha Stewart and everything she touches turns to gold.

Anyway- recently- being the empowered business woman that she is, Carrie reached out to Camille to see if they might partner together on some photography on her blog...instead, after meeting Carrie, Camille suggested Carrie do a monthly piece...natch.

So without further adieu, I introduce: Little Things, created by Carrie Ryan, as seen on Camille Styles blog. And you might recognize the two small boys picking berries, that are often featured on my blog!

Here are some pictures I borrowed from the piece. Enjoy!

That trip to Sweet Berry Farms really paid off! :)