Little People.

Well, one of my little people is still sick today. She just can't shake the fever, and no I haven't taken her to the doctor because I took her about 5 times last week and each time they said "It's viral. Dose her and wait it out..." So I'm sure this time, when I am not taking her, it's probably something bacterial that could be cleared up with a few rounds of antibiotics. I guess if she is not well enough to go to school tomorrow- I'll take her in. Wedding festivities are starting at 11:00 a.m. so I am hopeful and praying that she wakes up cool and happy.

Bennett and I are so excited and overwhelmed about all of the things we need to do in the next week or so, we're basically having family meetings every other night instead of weekly. But I'm bored of talking about that, so I think today I'll give you an update on my little people.

Miss Holden Eloise...
Size-wise, Holden is still tiny...but she has filled out a little bit due to her growing love of all foods. She is walking about 75% of the time but is not incredibly confident. In fact, at school, sometimes she protests and just sits down while her 7 little friends are walking along, holding a rope with rings. She cries and they have to encourage her to keep walking or carry her. She is afraid to fall...and when she does fall, even if it's a little plop on her toosh, she often tears up a bit.

But she is no withering violet. She is really giving Davis the business lately. She likes her space and she doesn't want him hugging and kissing her all the time- so she regularly gives him the stiff arm and starts to whine when he gets up in her space...which is ALL THE TIME.

She loves to read and be read fact, lately if you don't read to her (very often the same book over and over 1000 times) she gets so frustrated and starts to grunt and whine and swing her arms around.

For the most part, she is still her incredibly sweet and content little self. She is so joyful.

She gets funny things lately and she loves it when I tell her "No, no, no!" She grins and does exactly what I am asking her not to do. She thinks it's just sooooo funny. She can say many words now- some recent ones include: apple, people, poo poo, car, baby, Davis (which sounds like Day-Di) and na for no.

She STILL goes to sleep at about 6:30 and sleeps until you wake her up around 8:30.

Meester Davis...
Still prefers to eat: chicken nuggets, pizza, waffles, moyer buyers (granola bars), fruit (veggie/fruit pouches), and any sort of cracker, pretzel or the like. When I say those are preferences, what I mean is: he will starve himself to a near death situation if you try to get him to try anything else. I almost passed out the other day when he asked Nikki what she was eating (red grapes) and then heard him say "I think I'll try one..." I had actually NEVER heard anything like that come out of his mouth before.

He is as active as ever. He is loving his new "slip er slide" and does it over and over though he still hasn't quite figured out how to get from running to it's pretty funny to watch. He loves to wrestle, he loves to play football, he loves to do puzzles and build legos...his favorite color is green, with pink being a close second...and he LOVES to go to Porter's house, the YMC, Chik-fil-a, Honey's house, and Target.

He is the best little communicator lately. I'll say something, he'll pause, look at me and say "Umm, mom. What did you say?" He talks through things and he has lots of great (and sometimes embarassing) questions and comments. Examples:

- Daddy, why do you always eat all the good stuff?
- Mommy, when I grow up, I will be a good man...or mom.
- Why can't we touch nipples?
- Why do I have to stop eating the munchies when you are eating them?

And he is still so loving. Loves to cuddles, loves for me to lay with him before he goes to bed, tells me he loves me all the time (and all the little things about me- including my ears, my cheeks, my know). And I feel like he's finally starting to do things because he knows they are the right or kind thing to do- not because I have to tell him 1,000 times. Not with everything...I mean, he's still three, but I am noticing a difference.

He loves Holden. He felt so special when she said his name the other day- and he loves making her laugh in the car. When we do something new- sometimes I'll offer to go with just him and he very often says "No, I want Holden to come..."

My little people are the best.
Have a good weekend. Not sure I'll have time to post until after the wedding. Still cannot believe Nikki is getting married in TWO days. INSANE.

Also, we officially leased our house. To a couple and their high school daughter. And she was just SWEET AS SUGAR to me, but a real pain in the neck to both realtors. Couldn't get the lease signed fast enough and she followed up about 100 of course I made her wait. She better not be a pain in the ass all year. We'll see.