In numbers...

Posting from my phone, so I will keep this update short. Just a few notes on our "final hoorah" party last night, and the aftermath.

About 30 people came out last night to the rattle inn...

And then probably 18 made it to egos for karaoke...

50: the number of tequila shots consumed across the group

10: the amount of worlds colliding between college friends, work people, Fred people, etc.

30: the amount of dollars for a pedicab across town with Katie and Kirsten...

85: the age of the man that sang "call me maybe"

14: the approximate amount of times Courtney and I got asked off the stage for trying to sing when it wasn't our turn

9: the number of Advil I have taken today

1:59: the time when Bennett closed the place down with bob seegers "night moves"

2: the number of my friends that awkwardly caressed ahmads muscles without permission

6: how many inches the black and purple bruise on my arm is after getting fallen on while dancing

137: the number of times I said "also, does no one care about my broken elbow?"

2: the number of times I cried about moving today

36: the amount of things I have to do before the movers come in the morning

1,000,000: the amount of dollars I felt like after last night's send off

Good night.