I was thinking last night, that if I only ever have the amazing friends that I have made by now, I will be an INCREDIBLY lucky person. I had dinner last night with my mentor, previous boss, and great friend, Jeanne. She took me out to Vespaio and we had an amazing Italian dinner, great red wine, and lots of laughs. I keep telling her that she is not done with me yet- that I will continue to be her mentee from afar, whether she likes it or not. She just laughs. We both did that thing at the end of dinner where we were like "Yeah, so this isn't goodbye. In fact, we're not going to do that..." That's our style.

Then last night I talked to my best guy friend, Scott. We used to talk almost every other day after college- he is seriously like the brother I never had- but we've both gotten busy and talk less than we used to, and less than I would like. Anyway, it was great catching up with him, and he was so encouraging about our move. He is having back surgery (outpatient) Wednesday so he won't be able to make it into town this weekend for our final hoorah- but I know he'll come see us in Minne.

We locked down move plans yesterday...we hired Apple Movers to do the packing, loading and unloading, but guess who is actually DRIVING the truck to Minneapolis? Bennett. Two things: 1) it's the only way to get stuff there in a decent amount of time and 2) he's been dying to have a road trip from the beginning, so this will definitely scratch his itch. So next week, we'll have everything packed and loaded on Wednesday...we'll have our last community group dinner and then we're staying overnight at Courtney and B's...and then Bennett will leave for Minnesota on Thursday while I get the house cleaned, and the beans and I will hang in Fred with my mom until we leave on Saturday.

I talked to Bennett last night, he is staying in our house there, on an air mattress...and I think he is getting so excited. He said "Sam, it's so amazing here. It's like 77 degrees, I'm driving around with the windows down and it smells unreal. It smells like everything is ALIVE here..."

You know, the cutest thing about Bennett wanting to move was that he told me he felt this would be really good for our family. He was like "You know, we're so close...but I don't think we've really even scratched the surface, and I think moving somewhere, with only each other to depend on will really help us get there..." So I try to remind myself of that. That that is his focus...and it's such a sweet and important one.

I got the most encouraging email from a friend of a friend yesterday, a girl who lives in Minne, with kids our age...and she was just so fun and kind and said she can't wait to get together...and she offered to help get us a babysitter list and said we should set up a play date and all this different, helpful stuff...and I felt like "This is going to be good. This is exactly what we're supposed to be doing right now." And not just because of that email, but because of many things that have fallen into place. I feel at peace with it all. I'm actually so at peace with it right now that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Silly...but that is how I feel.

So tonight Nikki is coming over to hang out with the beans while I run some errands and then she and I will hang out when I get home...tomorrow night is my last "cultural outing" (we have been trying different cuisines with a group of friends from work for the last 3 years) at Chez Nous, then Thursday I have a last day happy hour...and then it's Friday and Bennett's gym is throwing a going away party for him, and then Saturday is our Final Hoorah party, and then I'm fancy free for a couple weeks. At least when it comes to work. Our friends have started giving us a hard time for all the going away events. I know- it's excessive...but who am I to say no to a party? Who am I to get in the way of a good time?

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.

Oh also, and P.S. you might be wondering why I haven't provided a 100 Days of Health check-in. It is my job on behalf of the founding partners and the board of directors to let you know (to whom it may concern) that in retrospect, it has become increasingly clear that starting a program as serious and important as 100 Days of Health during a time of excessive partying and celebration was not exactly the best, or most effective, approach. To this point, and for the purpose of being set up for success (rather than failure) the board has declared a moratorium on said 100 Days of Health efforts until July 1. Should you have any questions- you can pose them to the board in two weeks. Please and thank you.