Good Riddance

What's the fun of dwelling on all the things you will miss when leaving a place? It has occurred to me over the last few days that there are certainly some things I will NOT miss upon departure. Here is my work-in-progress list. Have a laugh. Enjoy.

1) My TV remote. That sounds silly- but I am serious as a heart attack. We have this old remote (because we've been too lazy to go replace it) from Time Warner Cable and over the last month or so, it has become clear that the "select" button is in serious need of repair or replacement. Not a big deal? Yeah. Right. What can you do with a remote that doesn't result in "select"? NOTHING. So we basically have to use all the strength of one thumb, and sometimes a few fingers, to simply select something on the telly. Sometimes I push that stupid button 20 times before getting a reaction. As I was doing this one night last week, I had this thought:

"Geez. I can't wait to move just so I can get a new freaking remote."
I really thought that.

2) This guy at work that is a big know it all who thinks he is so smart and clearly believes that the more confusing he sounds, the smarter he sounds...when really he simply sounds ridiculous. He thinks he is the smartest man alive, and he is a full-on grown-up and yet cannot even understand the rules of engagement or read a room. He interrupts all the time, he NEVER listens, and he derails every conversation. I will NOT miss him. Not one bit.

3) The heat. It hasn't been bad yet- and for my fellow Texans- I am so thankful for that. I hope it is a mild summer...but if it's not (and it probably won't be) I will certainly NOT be missing the Texas heat. Blech. I think September is actually the worst because every year I feel like when September rolls around, fall should begin, and in fact, September is still about 2-3 months away from fall weather in Texas.

4) Being SOOOOOO busy. The last month or two has just really worn me out. I've been in bed by 10 the past few nights, and sometimes as early as 8. I'm looking forward to having empty space in my calendar. I know that feeling won't last long and I'll be bored, but for now, I cannot imagine missing being so BUSY.

Okay, so I can only come up with four things. Texas, Austin, my friends, family and my work are pretty great. But I will NOT miss you remote control. You, are by far, the worst. I look forward to a new chapter where I can "select" with ease.

On to the real stuff- today is my last day at work. It feels...not real. I told someone this morning that it will probably feel real in about 3-4 weeks when I'm sitting in my home office in Minneapolis. It takes me a while to process things. I have a happy hour with some friends from work today- so that will be fun. I asked them not to make it a thing. I don't like doing good-byes and stuff like that.

Last night was really fun- I picked the beans up from school early and took them to their favorite place- TARGET! I let them each pick out a toy and then they ate Pizza Hut pizza in the Target cafe. Davis loves this- so it was a real treat. He picked out a talking Spiderman mask and I picked out a little stroller for Holden's doll. She was more into the mask than the stroller.

Then Honey got there and she brought them each a present too- it was like Christmas. She got them each a Monster's University toy since D is going to see the movie with Nikki on Sunday. At school this morning, he kept telling all his friends: "On Sunday, Nikki is going to pick me up and she's going to take me to the movie peter to see Monster's Inc." He was SO proud.

Here are some pics of our fine dining experience at Target and the mid-summer Christmas.

Holden's getting REAL bossy lately. But I guess you have to be when you're dealing with this guy:

 Have a good day!