Get a Hobby.

my grandpa wrote me the funniest email yesterday, it simply read:

subject: ATTENTION
I've been catching up on your blog and it appears to me that you need to find something to do in your spare time.

ha. my thoughts exactly. let me break it down for you...

work today and tomorrow.
wedding festivities thursday.
wedding friday.
post-wedding festivities saturday.
birthday brunch sunday.
work sunday to prep for client meetings monday.
client meetings monday and tuesday.
work wednesday and thursday.
beach friday through sunday.

i could go on and on. that is just the next week and a half. but it's all fun stuff, so i'm just going to enjoy it! i'm going to plow through the details- signed leases, walk throughs, financial paperwork, etc. and just smile and enjoy the last three weeks here. at least i will try- it's really hard to juggle work, life, weddings, events, interviews, etc...NO REST FOR THE WICKED!

speaking of interviews, i had a phone interview on friday with a pretty legit company in minneapolis on friday. it went well and i'm hopeful i'll get to proceed on to the next couple interviews...but it is pretty damn competitive, so we'll see. i know the right thing will line up.

here are a few pictures from this weekend- though none of the bachelorette. those will come later- they are on Honey's camera. Hope you're having a great week.

Well these are new. And amazing. So good, in fact, that Bennett ate most of them. Hmmph.

Hello 16 year old boy in my back seat. What? He is so funny and fun these days. Getting so clever and being more kind. I think maybe we are at a turning point? The first part of three is rough- but I can see glimpses that the rest of it, and 4, are going to be so fun.

Isn't her bow/hair hysterical? Yes. But really her bangs are getting so long- I figured I would try to keep them out of her face. Anyway- this is her face right as her fever spiked at IKEA. Trying to smile, but realizing that something is not right. 

And then this was yesterday and I thought she was feeling better but then last night you could have friend an egg on her leg she felt so hot. Poor thing.

Celebrating Honey's birthday in matching peach outfits.

And here is little tiny this morning. No fever- so here's hoping it is gone for good. This is an important week! Au revoir for now.