Don't Be Sad.

Today is moving day. And it doesn't make me sad to see all the boxes or the empty rooms- at least it hasn't so far. But it does make me INCREDIBLY sad when I see others cry or feel bad. So I've really spent most of the day trying to think of how not to be sad, and why not to be sad. Here are a few reasons.

1) I'm not moving to India or Indonesia.
2) I'm not married to a guy that doesn't love Austin as much as I do.
3) Both Bennett and I are on the same page with how important family and friends are.
4) Time will fly by.
5) I know in my heart that this is what God wants for us right now- and that is such a great thing.
6) We're already planning a trip to visit in September.
7) We're not dead- just a two hour plane trip away.

Also, other channels of distraction that I have embraced:
a) Exercising at the Y. My body is rejecting my partying's time.
b) The Edward Snowden manhunt, I can't even peel my eyes from the news.
c) Mowing the yard- at 1:00 in the afternoon...I almost passed out for goodness sakes.
d) chatting it up with the movers
3) coffee breaks
4) people magazine

So please don't be sad. Mom, Nikki, please don't be sad. This ain't no big thang. Just a quick trip. Just pretend we're summering in the midwest. That's what I'm doing. I love you guys.

God is good. And that's all! That's really all!