Can I touch your boos?

We're back from an excellent trip to the beautiful coast of Texas, Port Aransas to be exact. White sands, crystal clear waters, and talk about some amazing people watching...that place is a pot of gold.

I was curious to see how Davis and Holden responded to the beach. Holden was so easy and happy right away (surprise, surprise) and Davis kept asking me to "get the sand off"...I finally told him that it just wasn't going to happen and that he needed to enjoy being dirty. He got used to it and both the beans had so much fun. I will go ahead and say that I am the worst mother ever because I brought a camera with a dead battery- so I only have these three pictures...

And they're super fuzzy. Oops.

The boys had so much fun- Sawyer came a bit after this picture was taken- and the three of them started the trip by jumping like crazy on the beds. I thought this was a great idea...the other moms? Not so we went to the beach and just enjoyed the overcast Friday evening. The boys built sand castles (mainly Bennett and Porter did the work, and Davis just worked on knocking them down) and the girls played in the sand and even stuck their little feet in the water.

Highlights from the trip include:
- Friday night dance party on the balcony
- Drinking Corona light on the beach
- Watching the joy on the little peoples' faces
- FUN DIP (Jeremy has the best beach food brand- he brought Fun Dip AND Combos)

Yesterday we got home, cleaned up a bit, cleaned out my car, and then I went to bed around 8:00. Really. I had so many things I needed to do, but I could NOT pull myself out of bed.

This is my last week in the office- which feels both crazy- and not really real yet. We haven't booked a moving company yet and are supposed to have our stuff packed and moved out next Thursday- ZOINKS. Oh, and also, Bennett is in Minneapolis all week. I have dinners with a different group of friends every night this week- so I have no idea how it's all going to happen, but remember? I don't worry about things anymore. Life is short.

Little D has been saying and doing some really funny things lately...just to name a few:

- I said something like "hey Davis!" the other day, to which he responded (hand up) "wait. mom. big davis or little davis?"

- He also called his dad "Bennett" yesterday, out of the blue...

- Last night, in one of his many efforts to put off going to bed, he said he had to go potty and when he came back into his room, he pulled a clarisonic out of his underpants. I wish I could say this was MY Clarisonic...but it's actually my friend, Courtney's. Sorry Corky.

- The other night, he put his hand on my chest (my breast to be exact) and said "Mommy- what's this?" I thought quickly and said "It's my chest, Davis." He thought quickly and said "No mommy, what's this...and this?" (moving his hand from one boob to the other). I didn't know quite what to say so I said "Those are boobs. And they are girls' privates..." He then looked at me said "Can I touch your boos?" And now refers to them as such.

He is a hoot.

Also, I am basically a match maker. I had a company come give me an in-house estimate today for moving...and as I was talking to this nice young man, who is the son of the founder of the company, I thought "What a nice guy...who do I know that I could set him up with?" And I thought of my friend at work, Elizabeth. SO, while I turned him down on his moving estimate, I did ask him if he was single and interested in me setting him up. HA!

Happy Monday.