And...She's Married.

Feels so weird to write or say that- but Nikki is married. If you don't know her- for a very long time- she didn't think she ever wanted to get married. Tony changed her mind. It has been such a fun weekend...everything from lunch after the rehearsal (where some people got surprise toasted due to incredibly strong margaritas) to dinner at the Salt Lick on Thursday night, to manicures and pedicures with Nikki on Friday, and of course the event itself.

It felt like Nikki was so laid back (and maybe even a bit haphazard) about planning things- but it was so beautifully executed that clearly they put a lot of thought into every detail. The venue, Mercury Hall, is amazing...and the weather was gorgeous. It was a perfect backdrop for a beautiful and intimate affair. My favorite details were:

- how they involved a few friends in the vow exchange
- how sweet Nikki and Tony's actual vows to each other were
- the beautiful tables and the family style dinner (Paul Qui was the chef- so the food was AMAZING)
- the unique drinks they served
- and the dancing all night

We danced so long and so was like a 5 hour workout. I knew when they played "Jesse's Girl" it was over for me. We danced and partied until 3:00 a.m. After we left the wedding, we headed to Barbarella which is an amazing crazy dance club/gay bar downtown. I realized while thinking about where to go last night that the only good dance clubs in this town anymore are of the homosexual nature...which doesn't matter at all to me (actually it's better because they are fewer male creepers and everyone is so friendly) but I think it's interesting. Do straight people not want to dance anymore? I DO.

Anyway, morning came too soon and I was sad that it was all over. It was amazing and I am so happy for Nikki! So glad I was a part of it. I seriously cannot even tell you how gorgeous she looked. I'll post pictures at a later date.

Holden missed the whole thing- sick again. Her fever broke Thursday, finally, so we thought we were in the clear...and then Friday afternoon Bennett called when he was getting ready to bring them up to Mercury Hall and basically said "I don't know what to do. She is inconsolable. I cannot even put her down..." And sure enough- she was that way all day today too. We took her to the doctor today and she has another ear infection- which- after tubes, is weird. So now we need to take her back to the ENT to see what's going on. Today she actually stayed on my lap for about 2 straight hours. It was pretty sweet when she wasn't crying. She started to feel a little better tonight- just after the ear numbing I am hopeful each day will be a bit better.

Davis was SO amazing Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He is really such a joy lately (which I have rarely been able to see for the last six months). Like I said, I think we might have turned a corner. He had so much fun dancing and he thought Nikki looked so beautiful. She walked out of the bridal room and he was watching her take pictures and he just shouted "I love you, Nikki." Really, in the last two weeks, I've felt like what I pictured being a mom would be like- at least when I was pregnant the first time and just trying to visualize it.

Basically, I always pictured having a little buddy that I would laugh and joke with- do sneaky fun stuff with- and that's where Davis and I are right now. It's really fun.

Okay- I'll share some pictures later- just wanted to write my thoughts down before I forget them. Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's surprise birthday brunch...and then we are going to pack pack pack.