A Few of My Favorite Things...

Recent pins- and my feelings about them.

I'm sort of channeling this look today. Though my top is black with white polka dots and I'm wearing boyfriend jeans and blue suede flats.

This table is so great. And since I'm so into making things (as of a few days ago) I'm going to look for pieces to make something like that. Oh, and I love all the colors and texure in this shot.

This is great. I think I'm able to wear turquoise again...the craze of it has worn off a bit.

AMEN. Did I tell you that I've stopped worrying about things? Not altogether, of course, but I actually have started actively NOT worrying about things.

Framed vintage handkerchiefs. Such a nice change from framed records or vintage plates on a wall.

These shoes are in my past- Nikki and I tried them on in New York- and I'm pretty certain they're about to be in my future too.

What a great, and simple idea.

Amazing colors and design.

Is this gorgeous or what? Maybe royal blue is my new favorite color...at least for fashion.