Under the Weather

On Monday I left work early to go to Davis' parent/teacher conference. When finished, I decided just to pick the kids up and have an extra hour with them vs. going back to work for 45 minutes then leaving to go get them again. Holden's class was outside and when I picked her up, her teacher was like "I just picked her up and she is very warm- so we were about to go inside..." I didn't think much of it, and then we met Carrie, Porter and Mary Mae at My Gym. Everyone had so much fun, and/but Holden remained red and hot most of the time we were there.

That night when I laid her down for bed, I realized she was still warm, and that it was in fact, a fever. So yesterday, I stayed home with Holden and I took Davis to school. Until they called me at 2:00 saying he didn't feel good and wanted to come home. Davis has been earning and saving his stars for a Woody or a Buzz Lightyear toy, so since he was feeling down yesterday, I took him to redeem his stars and he picked out this awesome Buzz Lightyear toy. We got home, and he was just dying to open it.

I opened it, Davis set him on the counter, and then he just sort of patiently waited. I wasn't sure what he was doing so I just said "Isn't he so cool? Do you like him, Davis?" He looked at me and said "Why doesn't he fly?" It was the cutest thing. He was just standing there waiting for him to take off into the sky like a true space ranger.

Yesterday was a LONG day. Two whiny/needy, sick kids, and very little patience on my part. I have very little patience right now. Especially with Davis. I need to work on it. He challenges EVERYTHING. And frankly, it just gets old. But I need to have big picture vision, not small.

Last night Nikki came over for a sleepover and that was an awesome break. Just to have someone to talk to that is above 3 feet tall. It's been too many consecutive weeks of Bennett traveling. Glad that will be slowing down now. Anyway- I went and worked out while she and Davis played, and then she did a fashion show for me- she ordered some new clothes for upcoming wedding festivities. We talked all about wedding stuff and it was just really fun. I will miss her so much in Minneapolis...but the best thing about a sister is that you always stay close. Things always stay the same.

And Honey came over today to watch the kids, instead of tomorrow, since they are both sick and I needed to get to work. What will I do without these people?

Anyway, need to catch up on work. Have a good day.