The Weekend in Review

1) I am on day 4 of 100 days of health and things are going really well. I can already feel a slight difference- so that is encouraging. I plan to give an update on my progress every 10 days.

2) We had a lot to do on Friday so I took both kids to school so we could prep the house for the real estate lady's photo shoot. We picked them up early and went to the Y to swim. It was so fun. I cannot tell you how much I love going to the Y. Feels like summer.

Aren't little tinies in swimsuits just the cutest thing? She is so brave in the water- saw the slide and wanted to go prontito. Her hair is sort of in a funny stage and I don't really know what you do- just leave it or trim it or what?? I put a little clip in this weekend but she and Davis were NOT having it. He would help her get it right out when she started to fuss.

Really he's quite strong...if you can't tell.

3) We got a lot done in the garage this weekend- though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it. Bennett took EVERYTHING down from the attic and we went through and made "keep, give, trash" piles.

4) Our house started showing yesterday and we've had three visits so far. I hope it leases quickly- it's really tough keeping a house spotless when you have two small people running around undoing everything you've just done.

5) I didn't make the Tune-Ups. And they didn't even inform me- which I think is bad form. I'm less disappointed than I thought I would be- more disappointed in myself really because I didn't even do a 2nd cut of the video. I just went with the first version, and I knew it wasn't that great. I mean, I had just been partying in an RV all weekend- I wasn't really up for it.

6) I think I'm going to try to get back into Yoga in Minne. My knee is giving me such trouble- it's been hurting on and off since I had surgery in 2004. It's gotten a lot worse lately. The other day Holden plopped her little 20+ lb. body right on it and I almost barfed it hurt so badly. I think it hyper-extended. Picture taken before the injury.

7) Saturday was fun- Courtney and I went to the pool and hung out for a couple hours- talked business, life, and drank rum punch (crystal light and rum). I decided to give myself a little relaxation since Bennett was leaving Sunday morning for Vegas.

8) Saturday night was fun too- we had dinner with Courtney and B at this fairly new sushi restaurant- Kome- and then we met up with more friends at a new bar on the East side called Whisler's. There was this creepy guitarist that kept sitting down at tables while he played- just staring at people while he strummed his chords. A real creeper if you ask me. Courtney and I were like "Please don't come to our table, please don't come to our table..."

9) Davis is having trouble staying in his bed again. OH MY LORD it's getting old. He has a really bad cough- so he wakes up a lot- and then feels the need to come wake me up. I took them both to the doctor yesterday- Davis' cough was so bad- and Holden was congested. I almost didn't include her in the visit, but good thing I did. The doctor said he thought Davis just has a cold, but Holden has an ear infection, so she is on antibiotics. That sweet thing smiled all day nonetheless.

Sticking our tongues out at each other while waiting in the Walgreens drive through.

10) My mom came over yesterday to help me out and hang out with me and we decided to brave the mall with Davis and Holden to help Nikki pick out wedding jewelry. We found some GREAT stuff. And it was a total shoe extravaganza for the beans. Holden got these cute little Keens, Davis got some new "Big Boy" crocs that he is quite proud of, and he also got some cute black converse for Nikki's wedding. He was quite disappointed when he couldn't purchase the flip flops he chose for himself and Nikki. That boy's style never ceases to amaze me. His brand (when it comes to fashion) is questionable.

Hope you had a great weekend. The weeks/weekends are flying by now. We have memorial day weekend coming up, then the following weekend is Nikki's bachelorette- Four Seasons here we come- then her wedding- then the beach- then it's two weeks till we move. CRAZY!