The Coachmen

I always say we have the best friends ever- and we really do. This weekend, 12 of us went to Fredericksburg for a final hurrah before we move to Minneapolis. Knowing us the way that they do, our friends knew we would think it was absolutely amazing to travel via a 40 foot RV, known as The Coachmen. If I had a dime for every time someone said "I never want to travel any other way..." I would be rich.

We drove out of town Friday night, rain was pouring, music was blaring, and we began playing games and mixing cocktails. We got to Fred and parked the RV at my mom's house and walked down Main street to get some pizza. After that, we had a couple bottles of wine at Lincoln Street, and then, what party would be complete (with my friends, anyway) without a strobe-lit dance party. In the RV. We pumped the jams and danced until 4:00 a.m. Imagine driving down a side street in small town Texas, seeing a 40 foot RV lit with a strobe light, just bouncing due to the 12 ADULTS in it partying down.

We were all moving so slowly due to headaches and random dance party injuries- I'm amazed that the boys made it to the golf course and that the girls made it to the nail salon. But we did, and while Allure Nails is not the Barton Creek Spa, it was very relaxing.

Later that day, a few of us went out to Becker Vineyard. It was so beautiful out there- I'm so glad we went. And then that night we ate at Crossroads Steakhouse and they had the best band playing- it was like a wedding band that played everything from oldies to Kanye West. We danced and danced again- made friends with some of the locals- and one of my girlfriends had a dance off with another girl there- of course she (my friend, Brooke) won.

Its really rare in life to find such like minded people. I think its especially rare when you really value your faith, and/but you don't take life SOOOOOO seriously. We are lucky to have found a community of people here that are fun, silly, kind, intelligent, driven and hugely creative. I'm so thankful and I'll be so looking forward to their visits while we're gone and then hanging out with them all the time when we move back!

Will post pics later.