People are Fickle

Its really crazy how quickly your feelings can change about things- or at least mine. If something that I feel is important, goes wrong, I'm in the depths of despair. And then a few hours later, something new happens and we're back on track, and I'm feeling great about things. People (or maybe just me) are really fickle. Our first renters fell through and yesterday I was so bummed. I met them last week and I felt they were great and I was just full speed ahead. Then last night they fell through and I was so bummed, and then today we have three more people looking...two are submitting applications.

And I realized that this is silly. That small things like that should not change my feelings, my security level, my demeanor. God has a plan. Get over it, sister. That's what I said to myself. And then I thought "No one has ever looked back on something and said 'geez, I really wish I would have worried about that more.'"

So anyway- just a few random thoughts this Friday. I'm off to get my dress tailored, find wedding shoes for Holden, a bow tie for Davis, and wrap up a few thing before the bachelorette today.

PARTY TIME. Hope I don't drunk blog. ;-)

Have a good one!