On my mind

No rhyme, no reason to this post, just sharing what's on my mind.

It feels good to tell people we're moving. It's been weird living with such a big secret for 2-3 months. Everyone at work has been so encouraging- telling me what a great and creative city it is- telling me they will put me in contact with people they know in the business. And many people have said this "Well, you have the chops and the credibility...why don't you consult?" I take that as a huge compliment and it's certainly making me consider it. I'm not sure exactly how to do that since I don't have any sort of network there- but I think I will look into it with all the other ideas.

I think there are many directions I could go, work-wise, and while I'm thankful for that...and while it's cool...it's also overwhelming. I am going to finish my portfolio this month and then start contacting people. I will say this- people are helpful in Minneapolis. I reached out to this girl that I saw had viewed my profile on LinkedIn, just to ask her about her job and her company, and she was so incredibly helpful and just took the time to chat with me about whatever- even though there aren't any positions right now. That's really kind.

I am SO sore from our workout last night. SO sore. Feels sort of good.

Poor Davis had a really rough night last night. We were playing outside and I was encouraging him to jump off the deck into the grass. It's about two feet off the ground- so I figured it was harmless- but then I had this weird feeling, or almost visualization of him breaking his ankle or something, and sure enough, on the next jump, he hit the ground and immediately started crying. He didn't break his ankle, but he did hurt his foot, and is limping a bit. About an hour later, he tripped over a chair and fell face first into the window ledge and now has a purple bruise on his cheek. It looked like it hurt. Poor guy.

Today over lunch I am meeting with a realtor who will lease our house. I'm sort of dreading it and I can't figure out why. I don't feel like I am especially sad about that- but sometimes these things are hidden down deep. I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of the mind and soul.

I am SO excited about this weekend. My mom is coming to keep the kids at our house- and a few of our closest friends in Austin (and Kirsten, in San Antonio) are going to Fred for a last hurrah weekend. I'm going to ignore the purpose of the trip and party balls. I just got an email from Carrie and they are planning all sorts of fun things. It makes me feel like one million bucks.

Bennett visited a daycare in Minne yesterday and thought it was really great- that is hugely helpful. One of his friends there- who has kids the same age as ours is going to start their kids there- so they went together. I bet they looked like two gay men. Ha.

Tonight we have community group- I'm excited for that. My mom is coming since Bennett is out of town. I will SO miss seeing her every week. But I will still see her a lot and this is SHORT TERM. It's an adventure.

I need to record and send in my Tune Ups audition tape this weekend. OMG.

Here is a picture of little miss. Sleeping HARD last night. She is getting so big and I want her to stay small forever. :-/

Have a happy Wednesday.