Night Swimming

Holden still has a fever, and Davis still has a cough that is keeping him up throughout the night...but we had fun last night nonetheless. Honey was in town so after Holden went to bed, I asked Davis if he wanted to go night swimming. He was so excited. We got in the car and on the way to the pool he said "Mommy, I am so happy..."

We snuck into an apartment pool near our house and I told him we had to be so quiet and sneaky, which he thought was the best, even though no one was there. We swam and played around for about an hour and then, just like after each bath, he asked that I "wrap me up real tight mommy..." and then suggested we dry off on the lounge chairs.

While we were there a little boy who was 7 came and jumped in the pool. He was a pretty good swimmer and Davis noticed right away. He said "I want to swim like him..." and I said "Well then we have to practi-" but before I could finish, Davis had launched himself off the stairs to swim like his new friend. He is fearless.

Bennett got home at 2:00 a.m. this morning- poor guy- his flight was delayed twice. And then he had to sleep in Davis' bed because Davis was in our bed and Bennett kept snoring so loudly. 7:00 felt incredibly early, I'm sure, when little tiny Holden woke up, crying crying and feeling so badly. Welcome home, Bennett.

I say that in jest, I do feel bad that he isn't going to get any time to re-charge. I had to go to work early this morning and left him with one sick baby, a list of things that need to be done asap, and a reminder that the house has to be perfect because people keep showing up to see it.

But speaking of- I think we have our first application on the house! Hopefully it's a good, and qualified family. We'll get to take a look today. It would be nice to have that all wrapped up. We'll see, I guess.

So today I am getting my hair done after work, tomorrow we have a meeting with a new financial planner to get our stuff in order before the move, and then this weekend Davis is going to spend the night with Honey on Saturday and then Sunday we'll go to Fred to help my mom out with some things around the house and hopefully have time to swim and grill out. I'm hopeful that Holden will feel better- I'm hopeful that everyone will feel better. :) Hopeful, hopeful.

Okay so that is all for now...but first, do you like this new background design? Very Marimekko, I think.