It's Not Work, It's Network

In Bennett's first out of college job he had to give a presentation on the topic of networking...he used the title "It's not work, it's network" and he's never been able to live it down. It really cracks me up- so I try to bring it up as much as possible. It's basically my raison d'être.

And I thought of it as a title for this post because basically over the past two days I've just been a networking machine. I don't even know who I am anymore! As a rule, I hate small talk and having meaningless or insincere conversations, so I hate networking. And I know what you're thinking- not all networking is insincere, but for the most part it is. I mean the definition of networking is:

the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.
Networking always has an agenda- whether immediate or long-term. So I typically avoid networking situations at all costs, or I am the quiet (read: mute) one in the group when I am stuck in them. Can you imagine that? Me? Quiet? It's true. I really have to get to know people and feel comfortable before you get the full nelson version of Sam.  

But not this week, my friends. I just decided NOT to feel that way about networking. And since making that decision, I've reached out to, talked or connected with about 8 different people in or related to Minneapolis. I might become the mayor.

A while back I decided that June 1st would be my trigger date for starting my search to find a new gig- so I am all over the interwebs, looking for jobs and stalking people I want to meet. I'm trying to make it a game. I have two calls with people tomorrow- not interviews (they never post positions like mine- it's sort of unique) but just conversations- which I'm excited about.

Separately, I'm just trying to get through work today. I have tons of meetings...but all I can think about is Nikki's bachelorette this weekend. It's going to be so fun. We are staying at the Four Seasons, my mom, Nikki, Jodie and I. I'm dying to hang out with them and catch up with Jodie. Then on Saturday we'll hang out by the pool and then the group festivities start at 7 at Olive & June. It's going to be so fun. Also my mom's birthday is on Monday and then the wedding festivities begin next Thursday with Stand Up Paddleboarding. I don't know about all that- but I am being a good sport and I bet it will be fun. I just don't want to get burned or injured before the big day.

I need to have my dress tailored for goodness sake!!! EEK.

Okay, well hope you are having a good week. Let me know if you know anyone from Minneapolis- or if you are aware of anyone that has six or less degrees of separation from someone or something in Minneapolis. I'll call them. ;-)