Fun Things

I woke up in a good mood today. I've been working a lot- and it's keeping me busy- and I'm super thankful for it. That helps, and I also have some fun things coming up, which doesn't hurt either.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Nikki while Honey is in town AND Bennett gets home from Toronto. Then Friday I'm having dinner with girlfriends and then Saturday I'm taking Davis and Holden to Katy to see Katie and the family while Davis goes to his crazy overnight Atomic Athlete Night Ops thing.

But the most FUN THING today is that Carrie sent me these pictures of Holden, out of the blue. These were taken at Porter's party and they are such a gift. Sweet Louise Photography is so awesome- Carrie is so talented. I can't wait to have her take pics of the kids this summer too. THANK YOU!

Such a happy girl. Also, this is the dress I ordered from that group, Global Mamas. Helps support the poor in India. Pretty cute and super lightweight. Could she be cuter? Okay, I know, I'm biased.

Happy Wednesday.