First Last

I had my first last on Thursday when I went to get my haircut by Robert for the last time. I've been "seeing" Robert for over 9 years, so that was sort of a bummer. However, I cut about 3 inches and it feels great.

I took this selfie because I know it will never look the same again!

Holden still had a fever Friday so I stayed home with her and we just played and hung around until we took her back to the doctor that afternoon because she was just moaning and bracing in pain. It took us about an hour in the pouring rain to get to the doctor's office and then of course they said it was "just viral..."

Her face on Friday morning.
I mean, it's the saddest face you ever did see, right?

Saturday was really fun- we all went to the little gym in the morning and then Davis and Bennett went to see "Epic"- Davis' first movie theater experience. Bennett said he loved it- especially the fact that he was allowed to help himself to popcorn and candy.

After the movie, Davis kept trying to carry his sword on his back like the character in the movie. Bennett, whipped out some Home Depot refuse bags, some duct tape and some orange string and fashioned him the best little sword carrier to sling over his shoulder. Davis was beside himself. I was so impressed with Bennett's handy-ness.

FIERCELY excited.

That afternoon we met Honey in Johnson City and Davis went to sleep over at her house. He fell asleep on the way there and was really just knocked out tired. When I got back to Austin, Bennett, Holden and I went to Vivo for some margaritas. It was SO fun. Holden could not get enough of the beans and avocado. As you can see...

And then Bennett and I had a "GIRLS" marathon...and laughed until we cried. That show is un.real. We stayed up until 1:00 a.m. and then Holden treated us by sleeping in until 9:45. YES!

Sunday, we went to my mom's for the day and swam and grilled out- it was really nice! Davis didn't want to go home- he kept saying "Why can't I stay at Honey's?"

Headed to Honey's house!

Yesterday we went to the grocery store, we went swimming at the Y, and then we went over to Corky and B's for dinner. Such a fun memorial day weekend!

Holden wasn't much of a swimmer this weekend- she really preferred sitting on the side of the pool or walking around to find and try other people's shoes on.

It looks like he is screaming in pain- but don't worry- he's just screaming "CHEESE" at the top of his lungs.

So like I mentioned, with my "first last" I'm starting to think of all the lasts and I'm starting to feel a bit sad. But I'm also sort of laughing because I've thought of some pretty ridiculous "oh, this is the last time I'll go to work on a Tuesday in May." Ha.

But really, it's getting real that we are moving in a month. One month left- and I know it's going to go quickly. The next three weekends are booked- and I know they will be fun- but it feels sad that they will go by so quickly...and then only two more weekends here.

And/but as sad as I am feeling- I am excited too. I just need to find a great job now. That's what I'm most anxious about. I know it will work out- I really do- I just need to be patient and have faith.

What it really comes down to though, is that I just don't want to feel sad there. Or lonely. And so I'm praying for God to prepare my heart and I'm also just trying to tell myself that it's a choice- that I can choose to make the best of it, be happy, be adventurous...but I almost fear being sad and lonely...because those are the WORST feelings in the world.

Anyway- just thinking aloud. Happy Tuesday.