I could spend a paragraph telling you about the personalities of Davis and Porter, or you could just look at this picture. They are like ying and yang. Brain and brawn. (Mom, yes, Davis is incredibly smart, but when they get together, its Porter that has the sneaky ideas and Davis that executes them).

They are buds and I love how much Davis talks about Porter. I think if it's warm enough this weekend we'll try to see if the Ryans want to go to the YMC to go swimming. We went so many times last year, and ONE time when we were there, we had to leave after about 15 minutes because a little boy pooped in the pool. Davis remembers this like it was yesterday and talks about it any time we discuss going swimming-whether it's at the YMC or otherwise. Poop memories die hard.

Last night, a few of us went out for Carrie's birthday to this adorable little restaurant called Lenoir. It is for sure the cutest little restaurant in Austin. And I say little because it's TINY. Like one small room, with incredibly limited seating. Here are some pictures...

It's like the ultimate girl restaurant. And I think I will definitely go back there for drinks out on that back patio- it's amazing. They spray painted these giant tree trunks white and laid them on the ground for seating...and they took basic steel tubs and spray painted them white and filled them with flowers. SO cute. The menu was about a 5 for me out of 10. The salad course was TO DIE FOR- an heirloom tomato salad, but then I could have done with something different for the 2nd and 3rd course. But we had the best time celebrating Carrie's birthday. We laughed so hard throughout the dinner. I will miss that a lot over the next year or so.

Oh also, RV update. So our friends who borrowed the RV last weekend are so hooked on RV living that they have spent most of their evenings eating and hanging out in the RV this week. Isn't that so funny? Also, last night I was like "So guys- what should we do this Saturday night? I have a sitter...and everyone was like "Lets hang in the RV!!!" We are hooked.

Speaking of this weekend- it's going to be a busy one. We have so much to do on the house before being able to put it on MLS to lease (the lady is coming tomorrow to take pictures and you can't believe how much we have to do tonight to make it ready for that) and then I'm thinking that if people are already calling on Sunday to come see it- maybe I'll just take the kiddos and get out of the house for the day. Not sure yet. So much to do.

Bennett leaves for his annual conference in Vegas on Sunday and then he doesn't really travel again until late June. That will be nice- April and May are always the busiest months- so I'm glad they are almost over...but then we move. Which feels crazy. But I'm also excited to set up a new house and things like that. And I'm excited to have a non-Texas summer...and a non-Texas fall. It's just the winter (and by winter I mean January through May) that I am dreading. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Anyway, happy Thursday!