Holden woke up with a fever this morning- poor thing. So Bennett and I are splitting the day and I am SO BEHIND on work. I feel a bit overwhelmed- but I think that's more because I'm going to Katy this weekend, Minneapolis on Sunday, back on Monday, gone on Thursday to New York, then from New York to Atlanta on Sunday, back on Tuesday...so who is going to do all the work that is piling up? GOOD QUESTION.

Anyway- we had such a great weekend...and here are a few pictures to show for it. We went to Central Market and enjoyed the playground and lunch. Also- remind me to post about Davis and how he "finked about it" this weekend. It's a good one.

Dwight Yoakum. Oh my gosh. I always say that I know without a doubt that I will have a rip-roaring good time when I do something with Kirsten, and yet I am still always surprised by how much fun we have and how ridiculous our stories are the next day.

Nothing like shorts and cowboy boots.

Wave your hands in the air if you just don't care.

So thirsty. And SO into holding the cup herself.

Wait- where did all my water go?? And why is my shirt so wet?

Happy Tuesday!