While I Was Gone...

I have so much to update you on about New York. We had such an amazing time, we ate great food, shopped until we dropped (every day) and just talked and laughed about anything and everything.

Oh, and my mom almost got hit by a NYC bus. Seriously. It was like a scene in the movies- people screaming, gasping, the bus driver blaring his horn, thinking she would move, and she just froze in the middle of the street (as did I) until luckily the bus driver slammed on his brakes and stopped MAYBE 12 inches from hitting her. Insane. We certainly gave people in Brooklyn something to talk about. But more on that later...

While I Was Gone:

Davis decided to draw all over his sheets with a blue pen. "But mommy, I was writing a 'D for Davis'" (this moment had to come sooner or later, right? just glad it wasn't on the couch)

Holden seems to have grown SO much, and she is standing and taking steps on her own. She might end up being a little bit of a princess- we laughed about this in New York- she sort of has this attitude of "why should I walk when my daddy will carry me?"

It went from 70s to 90s in Texas. HOLY COW. Okay, so I was totally lamenting the fact that while we were in NYC, where it was mid-40s, it was low 30s in Minneapolis. In mid-April. WHAT? But I also don't love that it's 90 here. Going to be a long summer.

We got invited to our first thing in Minneapolis. Bennett's friend from Great Clips has a wife and two boys the same ages as Davis and Holden, and they invited us to their family's lake house for July 4th. Which, okay, is not just a big deal because it means we actually have potential friends, but also because people talking about Minnesota nice said things like "I mean, people will hang out and chat, but it's not like they're going to invite you to their lake house..."

Davis left the light on in my car so it's completely dead and won't charge via jumper cables. Zoinks.

And I guess that is all that happened while I was gone...I had so much fun with Nikki and Honey in NYC- I'll fill you in on all the details- and I'm also so glad to be home.

More tomorrow.