Today is Wednesday, and today Bennett and I got up super early and drove the beans to school so we could be at the petting zoo with Holden at 8:20. And then it was delayed until 8:45, and then 9:05, and then at 9:05 there was no petting zoo in we had to miss it. Bummer. BUT, we did get to spend some time with her in her classroom, watching her play and interact. She is so happy there. It's awesome. She looks about 6 months smaller and younger than the rest of them, though she isn' it's funny to watch them all run/walk around and see her crawl to keep up. She took 2-3 steps about 5 times this morning- so she is close and she is so proud of herself each time.

Davis has his beach day today, so we dressed him in his swimsuit, only to learn that they aren't changing in to their suits until after their naps (3:00) AND we forgot his shoes. AWESOME. We really have this whole parenting thing down.

So that's my morning. Separately, I wanted to share this thought with you...

As the move is closer and closer, I'm trying to figure out what I will do next in Minneapolis. And I've been so focused on getting a great job- a stellar, challenging, impressive job- in advertising/marketing. And I've gone back and forth between trying to nail it down now or just trying to get there and give myself a little break and the time to figure out exactly where I want to be. Ideally I would have some time to settle in, get the kids (Davis) to feel comfortable, and then get to meet with several different individuals and businesses, to see what would be the best fit. Sure, I could be applying to jobs now, but 1) I don't want to start until August (at the earliest) and 2) I don't really want to spend my time in Texas flying back and forth to Minne for interviews. You know?

Anyway, yesterday I had lunch with my boss, whom I hugely admire and will be sad not to work with anymore. This isn't Jeanne (my friend, boss, mentor, etc)...but a guy that started here a year ago. He and I have built a great friendship and we both speak very candidly to each other. I love that. Anyway...we were having lunch and he said to me "Sam. Remember how you said you wanted me to give you feedback/advice openly?" "Yes" I said, thinking "Oh boy, what's coming..."

And then he said "You know. It's rare to have the opportunity to take a step back. Give yourself some time and space and really figure out what it is that you want to do. If I were you- I would do that. Take some time. Let it be quiet enough to hear exactly what it is that you want to do... I think there are things that you love and that you are good at- that are not necessarily specific to marketing and advertising- and I think you should explore that. Maybe even do some good."

Great advice, right? 

So I've been thinking about that- and I need to start praying about that. There are so many things in my life that I've wanted to do, thought about doing, felt like I should be doing...maybe now is the time? Well certainly it's the time- I can and should do all those things whether I'm working a 9 to 5 or not- but maybe I just need to take a couple months to hear myself think. And hear God speak.

But anyway- I started to think about why it is that I am so focused on already lining up the next job and there are several reasons- some good, some bad.

1) I am excited about doing something new (good)
2) I want to meet new people (good)
3) I want to push myself (good)
4) I'm worried that what they say is true: "It's easier to find a job when you already have one..." (bad)
5) I hate being on a budget. A lot. (in between)
6) I'm afraid I'll be lonely and miserable and never get a job and feel like a failure (bad)

So okay the first three are good reasons, I think. But the last two are just FEAR! Stupid fear. And I don't want to live like that. Life is too short and unpredictable and besides it might be fun to test my faith and let God show me how faithful he is, how true and lasting his promises are.

So those are my thoughts this Wednesday. Have a good one.