They Say You Can't Go Back...

Just a few snippets from our trip, via my phone cam. I did bring my camera, so I'll share those later.

A few years ago, I went to visit Nikki in DUMBO (Brooklyn, Down Under Manhattan Bridge) while she was living there. The trip was so fun, we both talk about how it was just some sort of magical. I will always remember that trip. We went to see Regina Spektor together at the Bowery Ballroom, we shopped, we ate great food, we drank great wine, etc. But one of our most clear memories, was going to this adorable little sushi place on the lower east side.

We happened into it, and it was maybe 12 feet by 12 feet, filled with posh New Yorkers, and the sushi was amazing. We felt so chic and just loved it. We decided to go back with mom this time while we were there. So we looked it up and called to make a reservation at 7:00. Yes, that's early for New York, but we were HUNGRY.

Anyway, to the point. They say you can't go back...meaning nothing is ever how you remembered it and you should leave your memories as they were rather than try to replicate. We should have followed the advice of this old adage. But we didn't. Instead, we talked all about Cube Sushi, and made it a point to go back.

It was A LITTLE DIFFERENT than we remembered. It was dumpy. And there wasn't a soul in sight when we got there at 7:00. And only one other table when we left at 8:00. And it was BYOB. Here is a picture for reference...

What the heck? Were we drunk when we were there before? We laughed so hard through the whole dinner about it. The pillows were old and crappy...there were bulletin boards on the walls with random people's pics pinned up...the lighting was basically three hanging lights with tissue paper wrapped around them. WHAT THE HECK? At least the sushi was still good. So anyway- moving on.

An art museum in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is so much better than Manhattan.

Nikki, blending in with the animals, at FAO Schwarz.


These beautiful trees were blooming everywhere- I guess they are cherry blossoms? White ones?

This was for sure the coolest store- it's in SOHO called something like Treasure and Bond. Basically- they have all these amazing designers, and great display...I wanted everything in there...and they give 100% of their profit, beyond their overhead, to a kid-focused charity each quarter. It's unreal.

So that is my first round of pictures. Oh, both mom and I found our dresses for Nikki's wedding while there. I didn't anticipate that- so that was really fun. Thank God for Macy's- we spent a lot of time there this trip. And we had fun at FAO Schwarz picking out some treats for D and H. Davis was MOST excited about his little Taxi-shaped sugar cookie. That's a three year old for you. More later!