Move it, Mister

Honey came over last night, and both Holden and Davis HURRIED to the door to see her. We went and played in Davis' room and Honey had Holden on her lap, reading her a book. Holden loves books and was so enjoying herself until Davis came and sat next to her on Honey's other knee. In a never-seen-before level of focus and effort, Holden turned to Davis, started to fuss and SHOVED him until he couldn't sit on Honey's lap. Move it, Mister! This is my time with Honey.

He, of course, was quite upset and began to cry and say "That made me a little sad..." so he came over where I was leaning back against his little recliner and sat on my lap, laying on my stomach, hugging me as he sobbed. He got over it, but sat there for a while and snuggled. Holden also got over reading and came over to play on the floor by me. When she noticed Davis laying on me, snuggling, she stood up, got red in the face, and again began to push him right off. Then, she made sure she got up on me and laid across my whole body, laying just like he was, her head tucked in my neck. She NEVER does this. She just didn't want him in her space.

I told you she's becoming more assertive. Little miss tiny is becoming a bit of a diva.

Also a funny story, my mom sent me to go get a pedicure last night while she kept Davis. I went to this nice place in the mall because I knew it would be the only place open that late at night (8:00). They have a whole list of different options- so I just went for the 2nd level up so I could get the sea salt scrub after the massage. It was HEAVENLY. The only thing that jolted me from my relaxed state was realizing that she began to rinse both legs after she had applied the sea salt on the left leg. My first thought was "Did she forget she didn't do my other leg?" But I thought "just give her a minute- don't be demanding..." But sure enough- she was wrapping up- so I looked at her, pointing at my right leg and said "Oh, are you not going to do the right leg?"

She smiled right at me, pointed to this teensy cup of what used to be sea salt and said "Oh, I ran out!" with a smile...


So I thought maybe she was going to get more, but she just sat there so I said "Oh, you aren't going to do both legs?" And again she said "I don't have any more..." as though she doesn't always do this and doesn't know how much she has to work with from the beginning...or doesn't have probably a full closet of those things in the back.

So, being caught off guard, I just said "Hmmm...well that is unusual..."

And then I sat there and thought "Well, I paid for that service- shouldn't I ask for it? This is sort of a 50% rip off..." And then I also thought "Geez. This is awkward and embarrassing. Am I really going to be the person that complains about her pedicure massage? I mean, talk about first world problems..."

So I just let her finish and left.
I find it kind of funny when things like this happen. HA.

Happy Thursday.