Mom Moments

So many things to post, but since I am writing this from my phone, I will keep it short and catch up later this week...

Today I was thinking about a few thoughts or moments I have experienced lately and I thought to myself "Geez, that's when you know you're a mom..." So I thought I should capture and share a few of them. Hence the title...ahh, mom moments:

1) When you realize while showering, that the up side to listening to your three year old try to carry on a muffled conversation with you from the bath mat, wherw he has set up camp, is that he also hands you your towel when you get out. Its kind of like having your own bathroom concierge.

2) When you realize the only thing that has shifted your hatred of flying to a tempered disdain is that you get several consecutive hours to yourself. Where no one can reach you. And screwdrivers are served.

3) When you are thinking to yourself that you just can't get the smell of your daughter's mid-morning throw up out of your nose, then you look down too see that there is actually crusted vomit on your shoulder. And its 3:00 p.m.

4) When you've been to the doctor  multiple times in one week. For the same kid.

Many mom moments this week. Glad I am going to NYC with my mom and Nikki Thursday. Can't believe I am leaving my small people with Bennett and Uncle Niles. Oy vey.