Looking Up...

While I can't say I'm really feeling excited, or even good, about moving just yet...I have to admit that some things are looking up. And I am actively working/willing myself to be thankful and positive.

First things first, I think we have a rental house! I say "I think" because we just got the lease documents today and until everything is signed and the deposit check has posted, I won't feel it's certain. We ended up choosing the more expensive option- I use the word "option" loosely because there weren't really very many options...but I'm saying this about choosing the most expensive one- simply because I'm kind of nervous about it. I don't want to be house poor...but I also know we'll be spending a lot more time in our house and I want to feel comfortable in it. The winters are LONG. And I'm sure they're even longer when you don't have any friends. I hope we are making the right choice.

Be positive Sam, be positive. Okay back to the point...so we went with this house on St. John's Avenue and it's close to Bennett's office- so that should make drop-off and pick-up from a school pretty easy- at least on Bennett's part. I haven't seen it in person, but Bennett says it is cozy and charming. At least that is my translation of what Bennett said about it. :)

Here are some pictures...there will be plenty of extra room (with a finished basement) so I do expect lots of visitors.

I really like the front- it feels very inviting.

And this is the back- Bennett is going to have a lot of yard to mow.

And there is a lake behind it- which is cool (and scary- with kids) and sounds kind of fancy, but remember, this is the "land of 10,000 lakes" so it's not that fancy.

The living room. Simple and nice.

Another look at the living room.

The basement! I actually think it will be so fun to have a basement. Eventually, I'd like to put a TV, couch and a treadmill down there...so I can work out in the winter and when Bennett is gone. 

BEHOLD! The bathroom. With ridiculous and phallic fixtures. The funny thing is- there were very few pictures of the house on the listing- but about three different angles of this sink/fixture situation. The crown jewel.

And the kitchen. Those bricks are veneer- which is a little dorky- but it's a rental house and I'm thankful to have found it- veneer bricks and all.

Also, I got an email from a girl I met while there in March- she is the niece of Bennett's boss and she goes to the U of M. I reached out to her about nannying until I found a good school...she was/is booked for the summer, but emailed me yesterday out of the blue, to refer her friend. So helpful- AND- it might work out. So yes, things are looking up. Now if I could just take all my family and friends with me- I would be all set. And Pico. The house doesn't allow pets- most of them don't- so I'm trying to figure out what to do about that. I want to just bring him because it will feel sad without him- but I also don't want to get evicted. Wouldn't that be great? Found a house and then got kicked out a few months later...eek. I'm going to ask Bennett to check out the neighbors and the scene when he is there in a few weeks.

So thank you for your prayers (especially you, Laura Wyrtzen). Things are looking up.
Happy Wednesday.