Katy or Bust

We were supposed to go stay with Katie and Ray this weekend- to see their new house, love on Callie and Brayden, and just spend time together...but we had to postpone due to Holden getting strep. I was SO. BUMMED. We will reschedule, but I was just so looking forward to it. I haven't seen Brayden and Callie since last October 2011 when Davis and I went to Ohio. They are so big and so cute and I just wanted to hang out with them and let the four kiddos play together. Anyway...que sera sera. We will have to reschedule and I can just look forward to it- AGAIN.

So this weekend was kind of a bust, but we did try to make it fun, and in the essence of taking in all things Austin, we remembered that this was some sort of Hot rod/Vintage car show weekend- so we drove downtown to check it all out. I actually brought my camera- so these pictures are pretty good. I think. Enjoy!

Oh, and P.S. Holden is better and back at school today. Yahoo. I think she was really excited to see her friends and play all day.

Ooh and be sure to check back tomorrow- in finding my camera- I was able to download a bunch of pictures from Holden's birthday until now. I'll share a few of the highlights. :)