If you asked me today what I was thinking about, I would say:

I think we might be homeless in Minneapolis. I can't find anything and Davis is only there this week and won't be back for another month- and holy cow if we don't find something end of May- we will probably be homeless. Roaming the cold streets of Minnesota, wishing we were back in Texas, where at least we would be able to feel our toes and move our fingers, as we shuffle along.

I'm not sure I really even want to move to Minneapolis. It's snowing there. On April 22nd. I didn't even know that happened, anywhere.

I don't know what I want to do next for a job. I'm sort of so overwhelmed by it that I haven't done anything. That's really not like me- so I think that is sort of interesting.

Nikki got me hooked on dried mangoes. I have gotten them every day this week- okay I realize it's only Tuesday- but really I have eaten a lot of mangoes.

I love when Davis comes and gets in bed with me around 6:00. Especially when Bennett isn't home. Davis is a good little snuggler.

I feel very anxious. And I wish we could find a dang house.
That doesn't cost a bajillion dollars, and isn't gross.