As mentioned, here are some pics from the last few months. Most are from January and Holden's birthday. Enjoy! I'm taking off to New York tomorrow- so I'll chat with you people Monday...

Playing with her vanity that says things like "You're pretty". As Tony said, you could almost see the glass ceiling forming when she received this gift. Ha.


Funny faces!

Holden's first birthday! She loved her Rody horse.

 Happy gals.

 Trying to get a photo of the four of us on a timed camera.

First cupcake for her first birthday.

And this little guy got lucky by association and had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. And then ran circles around our living room later that night.

It was REALLY cold on Holden's birthday. I remember sort of feeling like a bad mom while riding the train because Davis didn't have a hat. 

We cuddled to keep warm.