Boys and Girls

What a fun weekend- we started it with a Joe McDermott concert at Davis' school on Friday afternoon- and then went to Phil's for dinner. Davis kept asking why we were getting to go to Phil's and then would say "I must be lucky."

Saturday we went to breakfast at IHOP- Davis' favorite pancake store- and while there, the Ryans invited us to an open house at Camp Mabry so we went and checked out all the helicopters and tanks and even watched an air show. It was actually pretty cool.

Then, Saturday evening, Bennett began packing to go to the ranch for his aunt Missy's memorial. Davis heard him talking about it and DESPERATELY wanted to go too. I reminded him what a long ride it was, and that he would miss going to Honey's house, but he insisted. So, the boys packed up and went to the ranch, and the girls had a nice evening at home. Carrie came over after Holden went to bed and we talked and drank wine until 1:00 a.m. Around 10:00 p.m. Holden woke up and because she wouldn't go back to sleep, I just brought her in the living room with us. She ate popcorn and sat on my lap, just smiling the whole time. Carrie would reach out to her and say "Can I hold you?" And Holden would do this "I'm so shy thing" and tuck her chin down each time. It was so funny- and quite adorable.

Yesterday, we went to Fred to see my grandparents and my mom. It was nice to be somewhere new (sort of) for a day- and I snuck in a little nap while at my mom's.

Today I'm back at work and Davis is in Minneapolis. Working for the week- and most importantly- house hunting. The market is TOUGH in Minneapolis. It's hard to find a good listing, period. And then when you find one, it's really a lot higher in price than we expected, AND they get leased within the day. Sort of makes it hard when we're not there to pop by and see them. I have been working so hard to pull a list together for him to go see while there this week. I came up with about 8 and he started calling on Friday to make appointments- but 7 of them were already leased. So he has only two to see this week- one is really expensive and one is sort of expensive and not in the most ideal spot...or so we hear. Again- hard to know when you haven't spent much time there.

There is another one that a realtor said MIGHT be coming up for lease- and it's adorable and in the perfect spot- but only has ONE bathroom. A lot of the charming little bungalows only have one bathroom. But, in order to get the look and location we want- we might have to make it work.

Who knows. I'm trying not to sweat it- and I'm trying to be patient- but I'm also really hopeful that Bennett finds one this week. We'll see.

Friday, Bennett is taking off work and we might to go Sea World. He will be gone off and on over the next three weeks- so we thought it would be fun to do something special.

Here are some pics from Davis' teacher, taken at various times during Week of the Young Child last week. They had SO MUCH FUN. I will miss their school.

He is getting so big. I both love it- because he's so smart and fun right now- but it also kills me...because I don't want him to grow up! Holden too- she walked a TON this weekend. And here are a few pictures Bennett snapped of Davis at the ranch. Melt. My. Heart.

Bennett said this was how Davis spent most of the weekend- RUNNING- to keep up with the bigger kids. He was so tired when he got home last night. 

My little man. Looking so cute in his button shirt, shorts and cowboy boots.

And I love this shot.
Happy Monday.