Trip to the Farm

As mentioned, Carrie and I took the kiddos to Sweet Berry Farm on Friday. And lets just say that I cannot believe we haven't been there before- it's so fun. It's like a kid's dreamland. You can pick berries, there are huge jumpy things for kids of all sizes, there is face painting, they have tractor rides, you can feed the goats...the list goes on and on. We had a great time and everyone was EX.HAUSTED when we got home.

Just to keep note, here are funny things that happened, or were said on the way there and back.

Me: DAVIS! Keep your hands to yourself!
Davis: But I LOVE him! (very dramatic)

Porter: No it's not, it's not Easter, Davis. My mom said.
Davis: MY mom said it IS Easter. Mom. Porter is saying it's not Easter...
Me: Well you're both right- Easter is Sunday, but this is Easter weekend, so you're both right.

Porter: Sam, how long till we get to your farm?

Here are some pics from the trip, and I'm hoping to feature more that Carrie took in an upcoming post. If you're wondering why they are mainly of the girls it's because I had girl duty while the boys waited in line with Carrie for the bouncy thing. We were quite a motley crew.

I forgot to mention that we started the day with a family workout. Holden learned how to do leg lifts.

The boys, hitching a ride.

 You think her face is dirty here- you should have seen them all at the end of the day.

Davis was SURE he didn't need a nap when we got home. But he fell asleep from 3-5. Then stayed awake until midnight while I was at Dwight Yoakum. Ooops.