Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I love ya,'re only a day away.

I'm so excited about tomorrow- not just because I'm going to see Dwight Yoakum with the Rockwood sisters- but also because schools are closed and Carrie and I are taking Davis, Holden, Porter and Mary Mae to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls.

Apparently, we'll be able to pick berries, pet goats, and picnic outside. I'm really excited- I think it will be so fun. Our first big outing with all four kids. I think Davis has a little crush on Mary Mae. he is so sweet to her and yesterday while we were talking about her, Davis said: "Mary Mae is sweet."

In other news:
Holden took three steps yesterday. She was so proud of herself and tried to do it over and over so we would clap for her.

Holden is also loving solid table foods- and you can see it in her belly. She's filling out- it's so cute!

My sister got her arm clamped in a gate and we've been talking about it all day yesterday and all this morning- Davis is very concerned and wants to give her a BIG lightning mcqueen band-aid.

We are doing a 24 hour fast today in remembrance of Easter. Our community group is coming over tonight to break fast over Homeslice pizza. :)

That's all for now. Happy Thursday.