There you are, Davis.

Night and Day. That's what this weekend was compared to the last couple weeks. Starting Thursday night, Davis slept through the night, without any tantrums. No eating, no screaming, no getting in and out of bed. I am so thankful. I'm not sure exactly what made the difference (maybe many things), but he has been great at night, and I think because he is finally getting some good sleep, he has been his sweet self during the day too. Thank you GOD.

We all had such a fun weekend...Nikki picked Davis up on Friday which was so fun for him, and it allowed Bennett, Holden and I to go to Vivo for happy hour. She is so happy and easy- so these outings are really fun and a nice break. The weather was gorgeous, and we sat on the patio and had margaritas and green enchiladas. Holden chowed down on guacamole, chips, chicken, cheese, anything we gave her. I'm not sure she is really Davis' sister. HA.

Holden at Happy Hour.


More guacamole, please!

Then Saturday, Davis and I made brownies for Nikki's birthday and we drove around our circle, Davis on my lap, singing to Girl on Fire. He thought it was the best. Saturday afternoon we went to Nikki's for her birthday and played outside, and then Saturday night we went out for dinner at Cipollina.

You know Davis loves you when he agrees to wear a "button shirt" to your birthday party.


I cannot get over this picture of Holden! So cute. She smiles at the camera like she is at a photo shoot.

Now Sunday, Sunday was so fun. Davis went to Fred with Honey for the day- which he was SO EXCITED about and Bennett, Holden and I did the following:
- had brunch at Zocalo
- shopped at Anthropologie
- dropped off Davis' jeep for an oil change
- took an amazing nap
- I got a manicure
- shopped for some dress shirts for Bennett
- relaxed

Holden, advising her dad on his purchases. "No WAY dad. Try again."

To say it was glorious would be an understatement. Thank you Honey. Davis can't stop talking about what he did either- they went to Old McDonald's for lunch, stopped by the Red warehouse, which is a 3 year old's dream, played with Woody, played with all of Honey's toys, took a bath, drove the Red van. Good times all around.

Quick story: lately, Davis and Bennett have really been into The Lorax. The movie starts with this awesome song about the city where the movie takes place: Thneedvile. Whenever the song comes on, we all march around, or bounce in our chairs (if you're Holden) and sing. We don't really know the words, but last night, I taught Davis the first line of the song. I asked him to sing it back to me, and when he did- he was so surprised and proud of himself- he beamed and giggled with excitement. I was sort of shocked and impressed with his skills too. So anyway, he wants me to learn the words so we can sing the whole song together. I think I'll put it on a CD. It's a great song- and it's so fun to see how thrilled he is about it. When the movie starts, he'll say "MOMMY! It's coming. The song is coming!!" In case you haven't heard it: enjoy the clip below. Turn your music up!!