Poor Little D

D had such a hard time last night, just staying with our sitter while I went to work out for an hour. He cried and cried and begged me to stay. And he had a rough morning too. I think he misses his dad and is also ready for us both to be home consistently for a while. We've been traveling a lot. Luckily- we have a break for a bit. He cried all morning- over everything. I had a hard time having patience. At one point, while sobbing in the car, he said: Can you turn on a song that will make me feel happy?

I think it's interesting how in tune with music he can be...the other day I was listening to a Regina Spektor song on the way home and it was kind of slow and out of the blue he said "She is sad." And then he said "This makes me a little sad too." Hmm...who does he remind me of? ME. Music, movies, books, all these things affect me pretty deeply if I'm not careful.

Holden, on the other hand, is just a happy little camper. She no longer cries at drop-off and is just thrilled to be there. Yesterday we went over to Carrie's to play and just had the most amazing day talking and playing outside. I cannot get over how beautiful Austin is in March. Maybe it's because I just got back from snowy, cold Minnesota. Maybe it's because March is the best month in Austin. Maybe both.

Lately, I'm thinking about lots of things...and I feel like God is really speaking to me. To trust him. To be bold. To find joy. It's a good thing. And it's what is keeping me going in a stressful time.

Aside from that- I am thinking of some fun, frivolous things too, like planning my sister's bachelorette party. And our Moore girls trip to NYC. Ooh, how have those things snuck up on me? I have been scouring the webs for the perfect bridesmaid dress- I can't wait till I find it.

I have some pictures to share- just some funny snapshots but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to save them on my new work computer. It's probably something easy- but for right now- you'll have to do with text. :)

Au revoir, for now.