Packing it In

Guess who's going to see Dwight Yoakum at Stubbs with Kirsten and Karen next Friday? ME!

What a stallion. I mean who can pull off a fringed leather jacket and thin feathered hair the way Dwight can? Nobody. In the meantime, I'm listening to his tunes on Pandora all week so I can sing along like the biggest fan. This will be Kirsten's first real night out since she had Frances...and really, Kirsten and I's first night out together since she moved back (as I was pregnant with Holden when they moved back) so it's going to be wild. No promises on good behavior, nanny. ;-)

Bennett just called me at work and informed me that while he will keep working out- he's not going to be so strict on his diet. He wants to have a good time before we go. Me too. We're trying to pack in as many fun things as we can...beginning with Dwight. Well actually beginning with Nikki's birthday dinner this weekend at Hillside Farmacy. Between Nanny and Nikki- Davis and I have been practicing singing "Happy Birthday" all month.

Au revoir for now.