Been holding this in for a while, and it's the reason I've been a little (read: a lot) stressed, but...Bennett was recently offered the Director of Real Estate position for Great Clips, North America. A huge and exciting deal- I'm so proud of him- but it's been incredibly stressful because taking the position would require us moving from Austin to Minneapolis.

This has been about a 6 week process and we just decided yesterday that we are going to give it a shot. We are thinking of this as a short-term adventure- nothing more than that. But even so, it's really hard for me to think of leaving everything here. So, as my dearest friends, I ask that you help encourage me. That you tell me (even if it's a lie) how great it will be, and that you remind me that God has plans for me beyond what I can even comprehend. Because honestly, I'm having a really hard time with this. Not just leaving, but trusting that when we want to come back, the opportunities will line up for us in a way that makes it possible to come back.

So please pray for me.

And please, if you are at all connected to Austin or GSD&M, don't mention this. I have talked to my boss and mentor, but don't plan on saying anything to the broader group for a while...the main reasons being that 1) we won't be leaving until mid to late June and 2) even then, I hope to work remotely for a while to finish out some projects, and I know the second we tell people I'm leaving- I'll become a lame duck. So you won't see any facebook posts or anything like that...and this is probably all I'll say about it on the blog- but email me for deets!

And thanks in advance for your prayers. I really am such a wimp over stuff like this. I try to control so much and this is putting me entirely out of my comfort zone- which feels horrible- and is probably exactly why it's happening. Ha.

So I'm trying to really focus on this bible verse:

"No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, the plans that God has prepared for those who love him."

But I'll be honest- I still feel a bit sick to my stomach about it all. So please pray for me about that. And remind my mom it's short term. And remember I'll come back a ton- and that I expect a lot of visitors.