Lean In

I'm reading the highly controversial book "Lean In" by Facebook's female COO, Sheryl Sandberg. It is so good and I am learning so much. But man, I'm getting so amped up about the lack of female leaders in the business world that poor Bennett can hardly say anything without me saying something in return like "Why should I have to scoot over where there is less light? I'm reading and I was here first and I am JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOU ARE!!!!" It's really creating an interesting dynamic in our house. Hahahaha.

It's true though- there is a real issue and I can totally see why. Anyway- good book- definitely worth a read for man or woman.

That's all I have to say for now. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Davis came home from school sick on Friday- had a fever almost all weekend- so that was frustrating...but we had a pretty good time anyway.

 So last night was a real switcheroo. Davis actually went to bed without too much of a fight- THANK YOU GOD! Yet little Miss Holden refused to go to bed. She never cries so I tried laying her down a few times and because she kept crying, I eventually got her up and let her hang out till 8:30. She and Bennett watched The Lorax. Holden usually goes to sleep at 6:30, so this was unusual. Today she was so happy to go to school. It is so nice to see her smile and get right in the mix.

We had a girls night at the mall last week- my mom, Holden and I. We shopped around and ate at Nordstrom Cafe. I think it was the day I announced the big news and I needed to charge me some happy. :)

This is the little outfit I got for Holden while Katie and I were in San Antonio.

Adventures at Target. Spring is in the air!

Holden's new favorite thing is rolling around on our bed. Yes, she is wearing a little tiered gray and white polka dot skirt. SO CUTE.

This isn't the best picture- for many reasons...but hello, how old is this guy? He got his hair cut Saturday and looks like a man.