Happy Heart

The past few days have been really good for me. We went to try on Nikki's wedding dress- so much fun! We played, I worked out, we went out to dinner and drinks with friends, and then we spent Sunday at my grandparents house. See for yourself!

Playing on Saturday...
Davis really wanted Holden to get in that tent with him. He loves her and is so sweet to her. I walked in after my workout and he was putting something in her mouth. I said "Davis! What are you doing?" "I'm just sharing a cookie with Holden!" He gives her little snacks, she is so happy and says thank you, eats it up, and then the second she starts to fuss, Davis puts another little cracker in her mouth. She is like a little bird...and he is so sweet to share and keep her happy.

Breakfast at Austin Java.

Dennis. The. Menace.

Davis was snuggling with Bennett for so long- very unusual and very sweet.

Holden loved all the people and the action at my grandparents' house. We were over there hanging out and hanging some new lights we gave my grandma for Christmas. If you want to see some of these pics a bit bigger- just click on the picture itself. :)

Hope you had a great weekend! I'm about to hit the sack in New York! Work tomorrow, home tomorrow night at midnight, work Wednesday, then a trip to Minneapolis on Thursday.