Back from Minnesota

We're back from a long weekend in Minneapolis...Bennett and I traveled up there for an event for his job. So two things I quickly learned while flying over the city prior to landing...1) It's big. Like a lot bigger than I thought. And 2) They are not kidding about being the land of 10,000 lakes. Flying over, you would see all the lights and neighborhoods of the city and then a giant black patch...and then more lights, and then another patch. The patches were lakes. And man those people are CRAZY about their lakes. You ask them anything about Minnesota and their eyes light up talking about summer and spending time on the lakes.

Bennett works with some really amazing people. It was fun to spend time with them...and boy they think the world of him (Bennett) that's really why I like them, because we have that in common. :)

So while I was in San Diego, I was so homesick for Davis and Holden. I really wasn't this time. Is that bad to say? Not that I didn't miss them and stare at their pictures on my phone a couple times each day, but I wasn't sad/sick over it. I enjoyed sleeping late, I enjoyed talking with Bennett uninterrupted, and I enjoyed watching Zero Dark Thirty while ordering room service and making myself a rum and diet Coke in a martini glass. But when I got home tonight- my heart lit up seeing their smiling faces and excited reactions. They were so happy and it was so nice outside so we played in the front yard and ran around the neighborhood...

It's nice to have a great family. And I am forever thankful for Nikki and Honey who helped out again while we were gone. Here are to a few weekends with nothing to do! Is it too early to start a garden? Will it freeze again? I want to go help my grandmother plant her flowers on of these weekends too. I love spring.