My Morning

So I guess it's going to be one of those days? A quick look at my morning:

Woke up to a crying baby, which never happens. Holden has a stuffy nose and a cough, poor thing...

Packed them up to go to school, got halfway to school and realized: my cute purple pants have a stain on the left leg and dirt on the right leg. Like I don't wash my clothes. Awesome.

Dropped Holden off at school, and she was much happier and more explorative this morning than she has been. Braver, I guess. But OH how she cried when I left. I could hear her on the way to the car. Almost broke my heart.

Found out that their school is closed again on the 18th. Geez Louise, I feel like they take a lot of liberties with days off. Going to have to figure that out.

Got to work, just to realize that I left my wallet at HEB last night. Called around, re-checked my car, only to find said wallet jammed under a car seat with a STINKY BANANA.

Lets hope I am surprised by how much better the day gets.